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Looking for a reliable biodegradable & compostable disposable cutlery manufacturer? Look
no further than us! We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and service.

Discover a wide range of biodegradable paper cutlery from us. Saving time and energy in sourcing different products. We are an experienced paper cutlery manufacturer with specialized facilities.

Intending to start your paper cutlery business from building your own factory? We offer solutions covering machines, raw materials for manufacturing and plant designing service for you.

Custom Packaging Solution

Factory expertise in understanding customers’ need and fluency in communication. Each custom paper cutlery can be fully made personalized with endless green materials to choose from. Learn how you can customize your product and select from our vast range of customization options: sizes, shapes, colors and package.


Full Cutlery & Extras Service

FREE Samples and FREE Design Support Today

FREE Samples and FREE Design Support Today!

Packaging with Principles

Our paperboard comes only from ISO managed plantations.

Our raw materials provide a sustainable solution to oil-based food packaging.

Our raw materials are produced by nature and annually renewable.

Specific paper cutlery products can be composted in a commercial facility.

Our inks are soy or water based therefore non-toxic and oder-free.

The majority of paper cutlery products are made entirely from naturally occurring plant material.

Going green is how we roll!

Create a sustainable living environment with biodegradable paper cutlery.

We endeavor to provide you with the highest quality disposable spoons, forks, knives products available that are not only affordable but a future-friendly solution to plastic cutlery.

Our paper cutlery fully meet the requirements of the FDA, LFGB and FSC Regulations and our materials are supplied by ISO certified suppliers.


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