Build Your Paper Cutlery Production Lines

It is never difficult to source paper spoon, fork, knife & straws machines and raw materials with PapercutleryTech. Take a few minutes to learn how we support your business.

Solution Tailored To Your Needs

A complete solution for your paper cutlery manufacturing is available now!

Plant Planning

You may be wondering how to set up your future factory with the necessary facilities. As one who has had some experience building a factory, we understand exactly what you’re looking for because we overcame all sorts of difficulties from the beginning stages of developing our own plant.

From start to finish, whether it’s about giving good advice or designing circuits, turn to us and we’ll take care of everything else.


Machines and Materials Equipping

Have you ever asked yourself: Where can I purchase quality, well-made equipment and raw materials at an affordable price?

We have already done the research for you. We offer only high-quality products; all of our machines and materials have been tested thoroughly in order to make sure they’re up to standard. Let us show you how we do it!


Machine Commissioning

After choosing the right machines, our experienced engineers will come to your production location for commissioning. Before you get started with producing anything, we want to make sure that your machines are set up correctly and working well together.

This way, you can hit the ground running once they’re all set up!


Selected Machines

Empower a productive paper cutlery supply chain to keep up with the surging demand of wholesale.