Wholesale Paper Spoon, Fork & Knife

All of our disposable paper spoon, fork & knife are made from FSC®-certified paper. This means that the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) recognizes and certifies that the methods of harvesting and re-planting are being managed sustainably. So you can feel good knowing that you are using renewable resources wisely.


Paper Spoon, Fork & Knife

Our disposable paper spoon, fork & knife are not only beautiful, they are also completely functional. These biodegradable and compostable cutlery are very sturdy which allows them to handle salads and meats with ease. And unlike many PLA-based products, our paper forks work well with hot or cold foods.


  • Size: 158mm/6.22″.
  • Material: 9 layers FSC kraft paper, FDA approved glue and ink.
  • Feature: 100% Biodegradable and compostable.
  • Certification: FSC, FDA, LFGB.

Paper Spoon, Fork & Knife Reimagined

We manufacture products for over 150 major brand names, covering hotel chains, fast food and events industry, coffee franchises, and catering.

Plain Paper Spoon, Fork & Knife

We’re here to help you make a conscientious choice when it comes to your disposable tableware needs — white or kraft color paper spoon, fork & knife. When you buy our paper cutlery, you’re making a sustainable choice that will leave less of an environmental impact on the planet than other alternatives.

Plain Paper Spoon, Fork & Knife

Custom Printed Paper Spoon, Fork & Knife

Don’t stop reaching your goals when dinner is over. Make sure you’re serving food on high-quality spoon, fork & knife with your company logo or mascot printed on each piece. You’ll have high quality custom paper utensils that are perfect for your business.

Custom Printed Paper Spoon, Fork & Knife

Disposable Paper Spoon, Fork & Knife Kit

No need to worry about hygiene, paper spoons, knives and forks kit for your convenience. With individually wrapped disposable cutlery, you’ll never be burdened with having surplus knives and forks again! 

Disposable Paper Spoon, Fork & Knife Kit

Paper Spoons, Forks & Knives Benefit to Your
Food Businesses

Fast Food

Demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, enhancing brand reputation


Saves money and time for businesses as they do not have to wash, dry, and store traditional cutlery


Reduces waste and environmental impact, aligning with the values of eco-conscious consumers

Coffee Shop

Offers a unique and memorable experience for customers with personalized branding

Street Food

Our paper cutlery are perfect for any food, beverage or craft business to have an eye-catching marketing opportunity through design.

Catering & Party

Provides a hassle-free and convenient solution for events and food service businesses

Accredited by

We offer environmental-friendly paper spoons, forks, knives for distributor, wholesale buyers, brand owners, special event organizers and more.

FDA Certification

FDA Certificated approved food grade silicone and PP Material, no BPA, non-toxic.

LFGB Certification

The product does not contain chemical hazardous material.

FSC Approval

Durable, non-toxic and offer a seamless experience for the users.

Why Choose PapercutleryTech


Our customizable paper spoons, forks, knivies are tailored to your unique needs

Quick Turnaround Time

We have efficient production processes in place to ensure your order is shipped promptly.

Excellent Customer Service

Our priority is exceptional customer service, with a dedicated team to guide and ensure your satisfaction.

Competitive Pricing

Get the best value for your investment with our competitive pricing, without compromising quality or service.

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