Wholesale Disposable Paper Cutlery from China. Find Your Best Manufacturer

Wholesale Disposable Paper Cutlery from China

Papercutlerytech is a leading paper cutlery manufacturer in China, with an advanced and efficient machine for producing the high-quality products. We offer our customers wholesale prices and producing each and every piece of your custom design as well!

  • Very competitive factory price
  • Abundant paper cutlery types
  • Package and paper cutlerys customization
  • High daily production capacity
  • Good quality & nice after-sales support
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When you plan to import paper cutlery from China, there are many questions that come up in the process such as where and how to find an acceptable supplier? Among other things – all these considerations must first be made before making any purchases!

And don’t worry: even though it might seem like an intimidating process-with all these options!–I’m going step by step through.

  • 5 common types of paper cutlery you need to know before you import.
  • Three main packaging ways for paper cutlery.
  • How to select a good paper cutlery supplier?

1. Five common types of paper cutlery you need to know before you import.

In the market, there are many kinds of paper cutlery. Here is a list for your reference:

Paper spoon

Stylish and sturdy – A go-to option for caterers and restaurant owners when choosing sustainable products.
The design of the outer layer is up to you!

Paper Spoon

Paper fork

They’re made out of high quality paper that’s sturdy enough to hold any kind of food. Fit in your pocket so you can take them with you wherever you go.

Paper Fork

Paper ice cream spoon

Keep your hands clean while enjoying a delicious ice cream cone with these disposable paper spoons. Can be thrown away after use so there is no need to clean it.

Paper ICE Cream Spoon

Kiwi paper spoon

Cut down on plastic waste. Check out our kiwi paper spoon selection for the very best in unique or custom.

2. Three main packaging ways for paper cutlery.

There are 3 commonly used types of packaging ways:

OPP Packaging Bag

What makes the OPP bag so great is that it’s easy to use! Just put on some protective film and stick firmly. You’ll have a nice tight package without worrying about any air leaking out or matter breaking apart during transport.

Paper bag or box

Paper bag is a commonly used packaging material for many different products. The eco-friendly properties of the paper make them an attractive alternative to other types.
You can customize your paper bag or box with our eco-friendly design to show off the products inside.

Paper cutlery with box packaging

Individual wrapping

No need to worry about hygiene, Individual wrapping paper cutlery kit for your convenience. AND individual wrapping is the more convenient and cleaner way to deploy your logo.

3. How to select a good paper cutlery supplier?

Choose those suppliers who have relatively longer operation time. They are more likely to have more mature technology and more stable production capacity.

Check if they can provide certificates. Different countries have their own regulations for importing or selling, so you should ask suppliers if they can provide the certificates. Many sellers will state if they can provide relevant certificates in the product listing
Avoid focusing on price too much

When you search products on the same platform, you may find suppliers quote a different price for the same product sometimes. You may regard the one with a lower price as your first choice, but in fact, it is an unwise choice to a large extent.
For paper cutlery with different prices, although they look alike in appearance, the actual quality may vary greatly. Perhaps one consists of 5 layers, the other is 9 layers. For paper cutlery with different quantities of layers, the performance will vary greatly. The paper cutlery with 5 layers is more likely to be soft when you use it.

Therefore, you shouldn’t regard the price as the only standard. You can place a sample order to compare the product performance before you decide to place the bulk order.

To the end

In recent years, as many countries advocate low-carbon and eco-friendly life, paper cutlery are becoming more and more popular. We are the most trusted manufacturer for all your paper cutlery needs. Papercutlery has a complete production line, 200+ staffs. We can provide certificates for paper cutlery you need like FDA, EU, LFGB, etc.

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